Celebrate the Holidays in true Marley Style

As a special way to spread and receive the love this holiday season, we asked some of the Marley family members to share their top creative gift ideas for friends and family.

Rise Up

Rise Up is a philanthropic initiative created by Marley Natural with the intention of expanding on Bob Marley’s ethos, ideals, and core values.

One With Nature

Marley Natural celebrates Bob Marley’s respect for the healing power of nature, the beauty of the earth and the relationship we all share with it.

Open Roads

Photographer Sara Nataf Documents The First Country To Fully Legalize Cannabis.

Family Business

Cedella Marley, the first born Marley matriarch, talks building a global brand and what it means to be a boss.

Rise Up: Marley Natural Gives Back To Oregon

While the legal cannabis industry booms, a specific group of people targeted in the failed war on drugs continue to suffer the negative consequences of cannabis criminal records, including denied jobs, financial aid, housing, and the right to vote. That’s wrong, and we are doing something about it.