50 Days in Afrika


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Directed by Kush Asher and Donisha Prendergast, "50 Days In Afrika" follows three individuals on a journey across six African countries to explore a dream of repatriation through the lens of the arts. Featuring reggae musician Kelissa alongside filmmakers Donisha and Kush, the group travels through cities and villages, connecting with artisans, musicians, and political voices in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Through an insightful series of conversations and exchanges, including footage with Rita Marley and Femi Kuti, they shed light on the African Renaissance in motion.

Together, the trio, originally hailing from Jamaica, explores the desire for repatriation during a time when Marcus Garvey's vision of Africans returning to home soil is becoming a larger part of the global conversation. "50 Days" illustrates that through the channels of art, community builidng, and common vision, Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora are creating new models to preserve and share the stories and lessons from the ancestors along with the dreams and aspirations of this generation.

As Bob Marley’s eldest granddaughter, Donisha carries his beliefs and message into each project she approaches. Reflecting on her grandparents, she says:

"Bob and Rita had to go through hell and high water. And while they were going through hell, many people tried to drown them. It wasn’t an easy road. It’s still not an easy road. I’ve known my grandmother for 30 years and she went through pain like a butterfly. She is the definition of what I see a Rasta woman as, grace in the face of fire, royal, brave, free. She gave me my roots and showed me my wings. My grandfather passed away at 36, and I’m 30 now. I wonder what I could accomplish that would ever equal up to him."



The film was produced by Direct Shoot Edit Jamaica (D.S.E.),
an independent film and production company based in Kingston, Jamaica.
A DSE JAMAICA film copyright 2016 | www.dsejamaica.com

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