The Evolution of Mr. Marley & His Locs
By Illeisha Lussiano

Over the course of life people often choose to wear a variety of hair styles, often reflecting the times they are living in. When it comes to Bob Marley even he and his hair evolved over time. Most people may remember him with his long glorious locs but it was an evolution of many years, wisdom, experience, style that allowed him to attain his beautiful crown of locs.

In Bobs youth he had yet to convert to Rastafarianism and could be seen sporting a short cut reminiscent of many of the popular music groups at the time.


As times changed it was out with the cut and in with the more free flowing baby afro. The best part of this photo is how in sync his hair and outfit are even down to the belt buckle.


Next Bobs hair appears to be on to the beginning stages of its loc transformation and journey. With a free forming approach his afro over time formed locs at its own discretion. It’s possible he fine tuned things along the way but that’s something only he and his locs would know.


As the locs began to form in shape the man and his style also began to evolve.

Often times people imagine that if they say they want locs they will suddenly be long and glorious over night, when truly that is not the case. First you must make the conscious choice, then the hair must come together and form in shape, after that over time it will grow in length.


It’s clear Bobs locs progressively got longer and his message, career and style got stronger. If youre mindful of his evolution you’ll see the clear manifestation of a man and his crown.

There’s no feeling like the air carrying your locs as they’re wailing through the air, such a feeling is a right of passage.


“Heavy is the head that wears the crown”, is fitting for a legendary man that has become synonymous with locs, reggae music and the Rastafarian way of life.

The evolution of this man is like no other, only he knows what he and his locs endured through a journey of a life time.