Marley Natural's International Reggae Day Mix by Isis Swaby ft. Addis Pablo

To celebrate International Reggae Day, we asked Isis Swaby, daughter of legendary Jamaican keyboardist and record producer Augustus Pablo, to make us a mix of her favorite reggae tunes. At the age of 12, Isis already was making mixtape CDs for friends. She started DJing and producing music at 22. Her talents range from music production to art and performance. Last year, after touring in Japan for a month, she curated an exhibition in memory of  her father tilted 'Found Objects: Roots Files' in Kyoto.

We asked Isis about her influences and love for reggae music. Check out her answers and mix below.  



My first exposure to reggae was through my mother and my father, Augustus Pablo. I often selected and mixed an array of reggae artists growing up, just for fun and for my genuine love of the genre. I listened to everything from my father’s production and Rockers International Artists, to Delroy Williams to Jacob Miller. As a youth, I was immersed in roots reggae, ska, lovers rock, dub, and sometimes dancehall when a classic made it to America. 


My heart lives in reggae and it truly inspires me in everything I do in my life from my music productions to my art and performance. Reggae is healing music; it gives life, guidance and comfort to situations that may be melancholy. I grew up around music and my father in the studio, so that was a big influence on my mission and work in music.

The lyrics are the foundation of the music but the production makes everything come to life. Sometimes listening to reggae brings a tears to my eyes, it definitely hits a spiritual and mental chord in my soul.


I made these selections because I wanted to show the new blood that is emerging from Jamaica and the classics I have always enjoyed all my life. I wanted the mix to be a smooth meditation then a build up to a revolution stance and pure joy these artists are expressing when they are singing and performing these words they have wrote and recorded. 

It makes me feel good selecting and mixing these tracks because I always enjoyed their performances I have seen artists such as Kelissa, Exile da Brave, Keida, Jesse Royal and Micah Shemaiah performed during my father, Augustus Pablo tribute show in Kingston, Jamaica. To be able to have their work in my mix is only complementary of what I would want in this international reggae mix because they are the future of reggae. However, the roots and reggae is the foundation of the history and story of reggae.

It is my absolute pleasure to present this mix for Marley Natural on International Reggae Day with my brother, Addis Pablo. My heart lives in reggae and it truly inspires me in everything I do in my life from my music productions, art and performance. Enjoy!
— isis swaby


Catch Isis Swaby during one of her live sets at her reggae party 'Peppapot Sundays' (Summer Series) created by Melinda Griffith, with DJ Sanctus and  at Lovers Rock in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and first Sundays DJ Residency at Pianos (upstairs)


Hugh Gilmore