Malibu Beach Cleanup


For our Malibu Beach cleanup, Shacia, daughter of Stephen Marley, and some of her siblings joined us along with the good people at 99 High Tide for a day dedicated to making a difference.

Ocean trash is a serious problem that affects the health of people, wildlife, and local economies. It's always important for us to support social responsibility and community awareness, and what better way than be being on the ground and actually getting your feet in the sand.

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Shacia shared her thoughts on our time spent cleaning up one of our favorite West Coast waterfronts:

"To sum up what the beach means to me in one word, I'd say home – it’s where we spend a lot of time together as a family. It’s where we go to reflect, to meditate, to get centered. So it is no doubt a very important place to us.

Volunteering to do the beach cleanup made me realize how much we need to do better as a community to preserve our shores. The consequence of our actions affect not only us, but also those around us – humans AND animals.

So, check the scenario - a couple weeks ago, we’re cleaning up the beach with family and friends barefoot (Why? Because, hello!! It’s the beach!), and you’re two steps away from stepping on a used needle, or having to pick up used personal products (that really happened). We have kids that play in the sand... let us not even try to imagine the reaction we’d have seeing the young ones making a sand castle with "extra props"... and then you have the ‘usuals,’ (how sad is that to say) plastic bags, cans, bottles, and metal. And the smaller items, bottle caps, cigarette butts, matches, etc, that WE forget are a large risk to the wildlife.

Let’s try to always be aware that the beach is not only a fun place to enjoy some sun and the ocean, but it’s also a home. The way we treat the beaches is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. If we can just take the time to do the responsible thing and make sure that whatever we bring, we clean up after ourselves! Like my daddy told me, cleanliness is next to Godliness! Come out to the next clean up, or even better, don’t wait for a clean up event to start! ;) Step by step."


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Check your local communities for Beach cleanup programs!


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