Reflections on the Herb: Marley Black's Plushberry with Keti

Meet Keti, a Seattle-based photographer and cannabis enthusiast who reviewed our Marley Black, Plushberry strain exclusive to Washington state.

I’m an #ADVOCATEFORTHEHERB.  Four years ago, I moved to the United States from the Republic of Georgia and fell in love with this plant. When I smoked Marley Natural’s Marley Black Plushberry strain, I fell in love all over again.

Cannabis helped me integrate into a new culture. English is my third language. After moving, I felt shy and thought people wouldn’t understand me because of my accent. I spoke as little as possible, but when I started to smoke herb with people, it helped me relax. I understood what mattered and what didn’t.

That’s how I became comfortable speaking English with strangers — I smoked and laughed with them. Cannabis helped me realize many things in life. It made me enjoy learning the language, the entire process, not just the results. 

In the Republic of Georgia cannabis is still illegal, though citizens are advocating for change. Young people go to prison for eight to ten years, just for small possession charges. Hopefully with time the laws will change and Georgians will be allowed to freely embrace the plant as I do.


Flower: Full and dense buds with beautiful purple highlights

Aromatics: A mellow, earthy aroma with a berry sweetness

Burn: I prefer to smoke with water pipes to get the full flavor

Good for: Calming my nerves, euphoric feelings and a good laugh

The Marley Black Plushberry is the first strain I tried from Marley Natural. As a photographer, the flower’s beautiful light green tones and purple highlights immediately caught my eye. I liked the density of these buds, which work well with a bubbler or water pipe. I prefer to smoke with a water pipe to get the full flavor of the herb.

Plushberry is a great strain to relax at home during rainy days. It calmed my nerves and provided a mellow, euphoric sensation. This herb also treated my headaches while providing a deep night’s sleep. It’s ideal to relax the mind and body.