The link between meditation and cannabis isn’t something that's been recently discovered. It’s been known for some time that cannabis and meditation have similar effects. Things like reducing anxiety and depression, increasing tolerance, promoting peace of mind, and experiencing a feeling of wellbeing. Combined, these two are perfect companions and can take you to a next-level high.

Last Sunday we partnered with Rose Collective and Ceremony Meditation to host our first Medicated Meditation in Venice. 

Cannabis affects each individual differently, and for some of our guests, the concept of a medicated meditation with a group of strangers seemed both daunting and intriguing. Both require a little vulnerability.

meditation CBD rose collective
When I arrived it was a little intimidating to see so many people. I chose to medicate with the CBD-rich oil pen for the fist time to release some of that anxiety and feel the high in my body and allow my mind to focus on my meditation. Once I relaxed into it I could feel the positive energy of those around me. It was beautiful. I really look forward to sharing this experience with people.
— Jonathan Taylor

As our guests entered, we allowed them to choose herb of their choice from our core offering of indica, hybrid, sativa and CBD-rich oil pens to guide them though their highly personalized medicated meditation session. For some, an overactive mind was something they wanted to counteract in order to get the most of the experience. Quieting the mind is key for meditation, so our team were there to guide guests through the effects of each strain so they were making the best choice for their session (and provide them with delicious Moon Juice as a refreshment).

Each mat laid on the ground symbolized an opportunity for those invited to set new intention and appreciation for not only themselves but for the herb. ‘The unification of mankind,’ as Bob Marley said.
— Kiara Thomas
It was great to see familiar faces like Lizzy Jeff of Zen and Kush, Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted and instructors from Lit Yoga


    The guided meditation grounded the room unifying the energy in the space. With several deep breaths, all inhaled this natural medicine allowing themselves to fall deeper into themselves creating the perfect alignment with mind, body, spirit. The outdoor meditation, reiki healing and sound bath and beautiful healing songs from our host were the perfect way to end the week and go into a new one refreshed and focused.


    The conversations held after the meditation showed how cannabis can be used to not only heal but to connect. Strangers exchanged numbers and embraced. Cannabis has a way of aligning spirits, creating a space of full acceptance and awareness of self and others.


    Give Thanks

    to all who joined our first Medicated Meditation. All proceeds from the event support Rise Up, Marley Natural’s social impact initiative committed to positive social change, environmental sustainability and supporting communities that have been harmed by the social injustices of cannabis prohibition. 

    Keep an eye out for our next event.


    Hugh Gilmore