It's Marley Natural's Top Budtender: Stevie at OC3

Marley Natural loves our vendors — we couldn’t do it without you. We recently spoke with Stevie, from OC3 in Orange County, who sold more Marley Natural products than any other budtender in California.  We sat down with Stevie to hear how she used her prize and why she’s an advocate for the herb.


Marley Natural: Thanks for speaking with us. How long have you worked in cannabis and how did you get into the industry?

Stevie: I have worked about three years in the cannabis industry and started as a trimmer. One of my really good friends did that and it just sounded like the perfect foot-in, even though I knew I liked human interaction a little more. Once I started trimming and realized that wasn't for me, I started budtending and I've been doing it for a couple years now.


You came to OC3 after that, and you've been here since, or did you go to a couple different shops?

I worked at one other clinic, but as soon as I found OC3 I knew it was the right vibe for me. I've been here about a year and a half.

When you say it's the right vibe, what is that vibe?

Stevie:   It's professional but laid back and all of my coworkers are very caring. They're not selfish. We have each other's backs, kind of like how I am. I care a lot about other people and I care about our patients. We really care about the right things. We all have good morals. Once I came here I thought, "Well, these are my people. I want to stay with these people."

That’s a great feeling. What is your favorite Marley strain and why?

Definitely the Green Queen because it's slightly sativa dominant in the sense I get really silly and kind of euphoric, but then it has a really strong body high, which makes all my muscles feel relaxed and takes away my body pain.


What would you tell someone who's never smoked Marley Natural? Why should they try Marley?

Marley Natural is truly a blessing because it's clean medicine. Somebody should try it because it surprisingly does not make you cough when you smoke it. You still get benefits from the medicine like body pain relief, mood elevation, all kinds of things. It feels like a clean high and it lasts just as long as other bud too.


Why do you think people like Marley Natural so much?

They feel the difference when they smoke it, how clean the high is. It's a full body experience from the head high to the body high. You don't feel bogged down from it. They probably just notice the difference when they smoke it themselves. They feel better.

A couple other questions, just for fun. Think about your smoking ritual. What is your smoking ritual? Morning, noon, night?

I work in this industry because I am more of an all day smoker. I definitely like a dab in the morning or before I run. I have to have my flower as well. I usually like water filtration, so my new bubbler is my go-to, or I keep a bong in my backyard I use everyday.


Why are you an advocate for the herb?

I'm an advocate because I truly believe it helps people, it's helped me in my life. I feel it's a healthy alternative to a lot of pharmaceutical drugs or other substances just in general people are addicted to. Pot does relieve people of the everyday stress of life. I think it's the best, natural substance as opposed to a drink at night or something from the pharmacy to help with a disease or body pain. It can replace so many of those things, so that's why I'm an advocate.

You said that cannabis has helped you. Do you mind sharing a little bit about that or how cannabis has helped you?

It's helped me get off of a lot of other substances. I pretty much only smoke weed now, where before I was a heavy drinker and using a couple other hard drugs. I haven't used in over three years thanks to marijuana. It helps me a lot with anxiety. It calms me down in situations where I think I can't get control over my emotions or myself. I smoke and I'm able to be in a calmer head space and treat people the way I really want to treat them.

We can relate. Anything else you'd like to share or any final thoughts?

I really think a lot of people growing cannabis should adhere to the standard Marley Natural holds, as far as testing for mold, bacteria, not using pesticides on crops and just doing it right. You guys do everything right and I want that for everybody.


Live in Orange County? Check out OC3 at 3122 Halladay Street Suite A, Santa Ana, CA 92705 or visit