Lifestyle, Learning, And A Premium Selection Of Cannabis At Serra

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With a flagship dispensary in downtown Portland, Serra offers a high quality, lifestyle-centered experience with a well curated selection of cannabis goods, making it a favorite among dispensaries in Oregon.

Expect a welcoming staff and experienced docents (budtenders) to guide you through the strain selection process. We spoke with Chasity Roesler and Cambria Benson, the women behind Serra, about inspiring customer experiences and how they see the cannabis industry evolving over the next 5 years.


Dispensary name
Serra Location(s): 

SW First Ave, Portland OR.

2159 SE Belmont St, Portland OR.

1201 W. 11th St, Eugene OR.

What do you hope to contribute to the larger conversation around cannabis?

One of our main considerations in creating our brand and the Serra experience was to remove any stigmas associated with shopping for pot.  With Serra we wanted to bring the marijuana culture out of the shadows and into the mainstream by creating a beautiful, lifestyle-centered retail experience with a strong foundation in customer service, product, and education. By doing so we’re able to reintroduce a cannabis shopping experience and show how to consume responsibly.



Top 5 tips for your first dispensary visit? 

- Happiness is a Choice: At Serra, we take a ‘feelings’ based approach to flower. Serra docents (budtenders) help customers hone in on a feeling they are trying to achieve before assisting them on choosing a product from our selection of fine flower.

- Be Open: Shopping can be intimidating for people new to cannabis. Serra welcomes conversation and questions to open the shopping experience and help pair you with the perfect product.

- Don’t Rush: Take it in. The whole experience. Spend time with the docents, as they have a wealth of knowledge on marijuana and all the accessories.

- Take Notes: We have “for your reference” notepads for your docent (or yourself) to take notes on. It’s a nod to the old-school pharmacy experience, but also an incredibly helpful resource for remembering your purchase, recommendations for your next shopping experience and how to consume responsibly.

- Have Fun: Not much explanation needed here. You’re getting to be a part of a new cannabis industry and can consume marijuana in all its delicious and beautiful forms. Have fun.

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What are your hopes for the industry 5 years from now?

Serra is confident in the direction the industry is heading, and looks forward to help creating a progressive retail experience that elevates the cannabis industry as a whole.

Is there a particular customer story/experience that you found inspiring?

It’s hard for us to select just one (and we want to respect the privacy of our customers), but having those customers walk through our doors for the first time with a big smiles and relaxed shoulders is quite rewarding for us. It’s incredible to see that we've introduced them to the plethora of benefits that marijuana can provide.

What’s one phrase that defines Serra?

Feel all the feelings!

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