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With 5 locations throughout the state, Nectar is one of the largest and most highly rated cannabis dispensary operations in Oregon.  You can expect dedicated customer service, educated budtenders, and expert growers to be on hand for your visit.

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10931 SW 53rd Ave, Portland OR.

3350 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland OR

1019 NE 122nd Ave., Portland OR

340 River Road, Eugene OR

4125 N Mississippi St, Portland OR


With a flagship dispensary in downtown Portland, Serra offers a high quality, lifestyle-centered experience with a well-curated selection of cannabis goods, making it a favorite among dispensaries in Oregon.

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220 SW First Ave, Portland OR

2159 SE Belmont St, Portland OR

1201 W. 11th St, Eugene OR


Cannabis Categories

These terpene-rich, flavorful, and potent flowers are guaranteed to satisfy and enhance your herbing ritual all day, every day. From our uplifting Colombian Gold to our therapeutic Romulan, you’ll be treated to a premium and predictable smoking experience each time. We are dedicated to cultivating the finest flower that is harvested on select farms by experienced growers using sustainable practices. All of our flower strains reflect the Marley ethos of positivity, progress and, natural well-being.


Harle-Tsu is a CBD-rich hybrid cross that is ideal for pain relief and treating inflammation without the psychoactive effects.

MARLEY BLACK™ Indica: Romulan

Romulan is a powerful indica renown for its potent therapeutic qualities and deeply relaxing physical high.

MARLEY GOLD™ Sativa: Colombian Gold

The active, uplifting, and focused effects of this strain come without any unwanted anxiety, making it a great choice for novice consumers or those would like to stay productive while using the Gold.

MARLEY GREEN™ Hybrid: Burmese Kush

This hybrid strain is nearly half sativa and tends to promote a calm, mellow high with a piney aroma and a sweet aftertaste.


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