This weekend, we partnered with The Rose Collective to host a beach clean-up in Los Angeles. On Sunday morning, we gathered in Venice Beach to roll up our sleeves and collect everything from bottle caps and cigarette butts to car tires and broken parts of strollers. We all came together with the dual purpose to create community and push back against despondency by taking action against pollution and waste.

This was the first time many of our volunteers had ever taken part in a beach clean-up.  Improving water quality and protecting ocean animals were some of the top priorities for many of our participants. California has some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, and everyone should have access to clean water to surf, swim and play in.

It was remarkable to see just how how much trash we managed to clear in an hour and the diversity of the people who joined us. We were also motivated by how inspired our crew left locals as well as tourists visiting the beach.

In order to create real change, it’s essential for us to come together and combine our individual efforts into a movement capable of making a global impact.

Here are a few things our volunteers and people from the community had to say had to say during our June beach clean-up.

— Nick
It’s always good to come to the beach and connect with the elements. So cleaning up it and taking care of the earth is definitely important. We live in downtown Detroit and came to visit Los Angeles this weekend. We noticed that even in our own community, when people take care of the place and throw away their trash, you want to spend more time there. It really does take a community and make a community when its done together.
— Jozi (Tourist)
Just keep an eye on the beach, wherever you can. There’s always gonna be trash here. Even if it’s not yours, if you’re on the beach and see a bottle or a cap, just pick it up and throw it away. It’s a simple step that makes a huge difference.
— Nate (Volunteer)
I walk my dog though Venice Beach every day and when I came into the dispensary, I saw that they were doing a beach clean-up. It’s great to see the collective community come together and to get to be a part of that and meet cool people. We really appreciate Marley Natural hosting this sort of event. I think when people see around you taking action and doing good things for the community it makes people want to be a part of that. There’s always strength in numbers. Taking in an active interest in where you live is important because that’s how you make the community better
— cooper (local)
we’re here because we are stewards of the earth!
— (Local Volunteers)
I’m from South L.A. so I woke up early to come, just to be a part of this. When I saw [Marley Natural] post about it, it was instantly something I wanted to be a part of. I want to help keep the beach clean for the community and especially for the kids that are out here. It means a lot to me. This is my first official beach cleanup but sometimes I’m out here on the beach picking up glass when I’m just chilling anyway so I’ll definitely be out here again
— Esteban (Chef)
You often see trash on the beach and think, damn…someone should do something about that! But that someone could be you.
— AMANDA (digital marketer)
This [event] is a big help to [address] the pollution that is going into our ocean. It protects our wildlife, it protects our children, it protects our residents and tourists. It’s a great, great cause and I’m glad to see its being done on a regular basis. Rose Collective, Heal the Bay and all their partners are doing a great job at creating awareness on the subject. This is the biggest crowd I’ve seen since they started doing these. We’re very hopeful of this continuing…and we love the gift bags!
— Rick Swinger (Community organizer, social activist)

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