Q&A With Rose Collective's In-House Clone Producer

Marley Natural met up with Rose Collective’s In-House Clone Producer, Ian, to learn the herb. He shared why clones matter, what Marley strains he smokes before gardening and the importance of talking to your plants.


How long have you been growing and why did you get into cannabis?

I’ve been growing about four years now. I got into cannabis because I’ve always loved and used cannabis. When I started with Rose Collective I was obsessed with growing it, helping people and making hash. It’s been a really great niche for me. A lot of personal growth.


Your title at Rose Collective is “In-House Clone Producer.” Will you explain what that means? What are your roles?

I produce, grow and maintain clones as a product through our store. My role involves taking care of the mother plants and keeping them healthy. I also handle all the daily maintenance like checking fans, temperatures and water.


Why are clones so important to growing?

Clones are important because it’s the start of the life cycle. Healthy clones make for healthy plants. That’s the best way to pass on genetics.


What do you love most about growing?

I love how there’s so many differences in it. There’s no wrong or right way to grow. Everyone can make good medicine. I just love seeing the variations, from peoples’ small in-house grows to large scale grows with hundreds of strains. That’s why it’s so intriguing to me.


Rumor has it plants respond to music. Is this true? What have you observed?

I believe it’s true. I believe they respond to energy, emotions, vibrations — all sorts of things, just like humans. We don’t necessarily see the response of music or sounds, but we feel when we put our clones on display in the shop it’s interesting… All day they sit out and people comment, “Oh the clones, the pretty clones!” They get a lot of positive emotions. It’s very connecting to the growth of the plants.


Do you play music for your plants? If so, what artists or songs do you play?

My fiancé sings to our plants at home. They receive a lot of personal nourishment. I feel music is essentially the same good energy to the plants.


What are some of your favorite Marley Natural strains and why?

I really like the Ringo’s Gift. It’s one of the best CBD strains we’ve come across so far. Not a lot of our patients want medicinal stuff, but Ringo’s Gift is very high quality. People come back for it. That’s really what we strive for, both in growing and our store.


What about some of your favorite Marley strains to smoke before working in the garden?

I like the STUDIO Platinum Cookies to work in the garden. It keeps me focused and stops me from getting overwhelmed. There’s a lot of work to do. Platinum Cookies keep me mellow but still up and active.


Why are you an advocate for the herb?

I advocate for the herb because it’s a plant. I feel everyone should have such access, easy access, to great cannabis. We’ve seen so many patients come through Rose Collective over the years and I’ve seen how it helps people. It’s crazy that this plant isn’t legal everywhere. My big thing is I like to help people. Spreading my knowledge is so much more valuable than any dollar amount.


In Venice Beach? Stop by Rose Collective to see Ian, meet the clones and pick up Marley Natural’s full line of flower, concentrates and pre-rolls.