The joint is one of the more iconic methods of consuming herb. A joint is discreet, disposable, and easy to transport. It’s a great way to enjoy the flavor of your flower and reflect if you are a personal piffer, or bond with friends if you like to puff and pass.

One thing we think every cannabis smoker should (try to) learn how to do is roll a joint. There are countless opinions on the different ways of rolling and packing a joint, but whatever you do, make sure your creation burns smoothly and evenly.

To help you hone your own craft, we’ve asked Rose Collective’s Master Roller Peter Constantino to share his joint packing and rolling expertise ahead of our Beach Clean Up with Rose Collective this Sunday in Venice Beach. 

Here, he teaches us how to pack a pre-roll cone (which isn’t as simple as you think) and how to achieve perfect airflow for a smooth and seamless smoke session.

Peter Packing a Pre-Roll for his patients at Rose Collective

How did you get into the cannabis industry?

I started at a place called The Pharmacy in Venice on Abbot Kinney. It was a unique store with half Chinese herbs and half cannabis. We had herbalists on duty who made up compounds for various ailments. Patients could get prescriptions from our doctors and they would use the Chinese herbs in conjunction with the cannabis herbs.

It was a beautiful place with an open-door policy which was great because we could educate so many people. Everyone had so may questions. It was quite a touristy street so we had people from every country, every state come and look and be amazed by the wonders of natural medicine, not Western medicine. It was a wonderful environment.

What was your role there?

At first I measured out the eighths and did packaging. Eventually it turned into packaging half a day, and rolling in the afternoon. The rolls began to get more popular because people loved the convenience factor. They were presented in a glass tube and you could have a couple of draws, put it back in fire side down, seal it and save the rest for later. It was before there were any vape pens.

 Before that, had you rolled a lot personally?

 Oh yeah, in college I rolled a lot. In fact, I tease that this is the only thing I learned in college that I get to use practically! Now I joke that I’m selling cannabis legally and I always laugh with my Mom that she wanted a doctor and this is the closest thing I got to that!

I did give her edibles when she was having issues with her appetite and topicals for her pain. She enjoyed it and it helped her a lot.

What is the best thing about your job?

It’s really rewarding because a lot of people with MS and people who can’t physically roll [their own joints due to illness], their children have come in to the dispensary to see me and said, “My mom could never take her medicine if you didn’t do this…so thank you.” That makes me feel good! On average I roll up to one hundred joints a day. When I make up a special celebration roll [with wax and kief] and someone comes back in to tell me about their fabulous time they had with it, that’s extremely rewarding.

What’s your process – what is the key to rolling the perfect joint?

The key to rolling the perfect joint is the perfect grind. People neglect the grinding part. You need to invest in a really good grinder so you don’t get big pieces and little pieces - that affects the airflow. When you pack, you need airflow to burn evenly. Not really fine and powdery and not chunky, a nice medium grind. The filter you use to roll is also important. Once its packed evenly and there are no air pockets, you need to squeeze the flower down [so it’s compact but not too tight] and twist the end so it feels firm. I can tell by tapping it and shaking it that there are no air pockets.

Is this your favorite method of consumption?

Yes – I’m old-school! It’s like a ceremony and an act of love to share joint. I do love edibles and topicals, I think they’re fabulous and I highly recommend them for specific things, but on a daily basis, I think burning the cannabis in joint works best for me. To me you get so much more out of it than you would a vape or anything else.

Why are you an #AdvocateForTheHerb?

I’m an advocate because I believe in the plant and if you believe in the plant you have to believe in its potential to heal. I believe in really helping people… at the end of the day I believe I’m really helping people deal with their anxiety and pain and lack of sleep. The list could go on.

Come and meet Peter in person and the rest of the Rose Collective at our Beach Clean Up this Sunday in Venice.