For our studio series, we caught up with Los Angeles-based floral designer Sarah Lineberger, who has been designing since she was a teenager. Lineberger has developed an unmistakable style, putting her twist on what some may consider a “granny hobby" with elaborate, sometimes eccentric, ever-captivating designs.

With a resume that ranges from floral shop assistant to director to budtender, this SoCal native has built up a wide variety of experience from coast to coast. At age 29, she now runs her own floral business, Hand&Rose.


When did you start Hand&Rose?

Hand&Rose has been a concept for a long time, years even, but not until 2017 did H&R really begin. It's a flower truck and eventually we'll open an online marketplace. It will be the monochromatic color tones I work with rather than traditional mixed bouquets. We'll focus on routes in L.A. that have landmarks, like Venice Boulevard, Abbott Kinney, and more. The idea is to make the flower market fun and accessible, tailored to our peers.


Tell us about the bouquet you created -- do you often use the cannabis flower in your designs?

The arrangement was in a clear classic pedestal vase with red and yellow gloriosa lilies. If I use greens I keep it minimal, but I thought the texture of cannabis would be fun to mix with the lilies. The cannabis makes the lilies look exotic. Generally I try to focus on one ingredient. And cannabis actually lasts a considerable amount of time cut in water.

How does cannabis inform your creative process?

I've always used cannabis to fuel my creativity, it's helps me see thing differently and  with something as hands on as floral design, it really allows me to dive in and create with fluidity. Currently I'm using flower as a treat. After a long day, I love to smoke and unwind or brainstorm new ideas for upcoming projects. 


What are some of the major inspirations for your designs?

Color and texture. Interior design influences me quite a bit. I have to consider how the flower lives in a space and what flowers are appropriate for that space.

What is your current favorite flower?

I have several favorite flowers. Daffodils are my birth flower, their availability makes me miss and appreciate them more. But I love gladiolus, orchids, and local roses.

Where is your studio and how would you describe the vibe?

Hand&Rose is based in Los Angeles -- we are a mobile flower truck and an online menu. Our vibe is simplicity, full of color.

Do you smoke before you design?

Not while I'm at the helm of operations, but I squeeze a smoke break in between design and paperwork.

Sarah uses Marley Natural Bubbler - shop  here

Sarah uses Marley Natural Bubbler - shop here

What are your tips to anyone wanting to get into floral design?

I encourage design completely. Know your mechanics and flowers. There's just as much prep as there is design, and don't be wasteful.

What are three words you would use to describe your designs?

Classic (with a quirk), Colorful and Fluid.

Marley Natural Studio Collection of indoor-grown herb now available at select retailers. Learn more  here

Marley Natural Studio Collection of indoor-grown herb now available at select retailers. Learn more here

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