Top Five Bob Marley Tunes To Smoke and Meditate To





I am an advocate of the herb because it gives me the humility and clairvoyance to acknowledge and accept the daily revelations about myself, and the world around me. When I'm overwhelmed with the trials and tribulations of life, the herb is there to balance me out. It's a part of who I am now.


I love to start the morning off with Misty Morning of course. It's a reminder that things will always be okay, just be humble and optimistic. It has a really calm and eerie vibe that levels me out with my everyday wake and bake. Bob is a true lion in the flesh. Definitely rebel music. It's really important to start the day off with positive thinking.



Second would have to be Easy skanking. You can't listen to it without dancing. The way things are in the world, you really have to take shit slow and pree. Too often people get lost in emotion and ego rather than being still and staying present in the now. There's just things you can't control. That's basically what I feel like he's saying and I relate totally.



Selassie is the chapel this one is a bit self explanatory. ROCKAZ! I grew up listening to music like this so it just keeps me grounded with my roots & my culture. I love the Nyabhingi drums. We can never forget the king. This chune is a beautiful reminder of the power of Halie Selassie I.



Caution is another bob Marley track that makes me dance. It's one of his earlier works. I have to play it like 5 times back to back. I love how raw it is. Instant vibes.



Last but not least natural mystic. This song just automatically puts me in a meditation when smoking. I'm absolutely weak for drum and bass.
I feel like everyone has their own perception of what he means by natural mystic and I love the fact that he makes people think a bit in this song.


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Hugh Gilmore