Everything we do at Marley Natural is inspired by Bob’s belief in the positive potential of the herb. A key part of unlocking that potential is education. Understanding the many properties of the plant enables us to more fully appreciate its effects on our bodies and minds. It’s why we created a campaign called #LearnTheHerb – a call to action for novices and enthusiasts alike – to prove knowledge is power and celebrate the seriously interesting science behind Cannabis sativa.

When we talk about cannabis, one of the topics that comes up most frequently is cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid, a type of naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis contains no fewer than 80 distinct cannabinoids, and each cannabinoid is associated with a different effect. While tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is responsible for the psychoactive effects of herb, CBD is said to boast analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. You can visit cannabis information websites like Leafly.com to learn more about CBD and its therapeutic effects.  

Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, which means the pain-relieving effects its known for come without the heady high typically associated with being “stoned.” For that reason, CBD is a popular choice for daytime medication, for working out (and cooling down), for people who are new to cannabis, and for people who already love cannabis but are looking for a more mellow experience than their favorite potent sativa or indica strain. At the same time, patients who use cannabis for medical reasons use CBD to relieve chronic pan, ease the symptoms of chemotherapy, overcome insomnia, soothe muscle tension, and more. High-CBD strains are often included in topicals, cannabis-infused creams and lotions that relieve pain and tension when absorbed through your skin.

CBD-rich herb is one of Marley Natural’s four main core offerings. We call it Marley Red, after a color that’s long been associated with medicine. Our Marley Red flower, pre-rolled joints, and oil cartridges are available at retailers in California, Oregon, and Washington (use our map to find your local shop).

All month long, we’re focusing on CBD. We’ll share key info about this fascinating compound, its effects, and how it can be utilized (including a recipe to make your own CBD-infused topical at home). Plus, we’ll introduce you to a few inspiring people who’ve used CBD to help them fight medical conditions – advocates for the herb in the truest sense. Follow @MarleyNatural on social media, learn the herb and stay up-to-date on our CBD journey.