Yaadcore’s Top Five Bob Marley Songs To Drop During a Reggae Set

I am an advocate for marijuana because of the feeling I felt the first time I tried it, and how that feeling was enhanced all the times after that.

My parents would discourage me from using the plant because of stories they heard or what they claim to know about marijuana. That kind of oppression drew me even closer to the herb because I knew that I was a good person with positive intentions, unlike all the negative stigmas attached to ganja.

It is a naturally made by the creator, like any other plant that should be consumed freely without it being a criminal offense.


This indicates only through unity and equality of all races there will be no peace.


This is a great reminder to hold steadfast on the love of Jah no matter the struggles hell see you through.


Music lesson is one that shows the power of music and how it can awaken and teach those who fight music with righteous and content.


The feel and groove of Bob Marley on Ska! I can remember singing this song while cooking as a kid! When the foods almost ready we sing the simmer down part which means to cook slowly.


The way this song starts is really like a natural mystic flowing in. Lyrically Giving insight on intuition in his time, being timeless we still can relate to these lyrics even in today’s world.

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