Ziggy Marley Gift Guide


As a special way to spread and receive the love this holiday season, we asked some of the Marley family members to share their top creative gift ideas for friends and family.
They also let us know some of their favorite spots to spend the holidays, their perfect seasonal soundtrack, and what best describes their holiday style.

Seven-time Grammy winner, author, philanthropist, and reggae luminary, Ziggy is the eldest son of Bob Marley and the keeper of the family flame. His sixth solo studio album, Ziggy Marley, marking his first in 2 years, is one of our favorite holiday soundtracks this year. But that’s not all. Ziggy has also just put out a new cookbook inspired by the Jamaican meals he enjoyed while growing up – with an updated healthy spin on them. This food lover’s gem features a variety of contributions from family members, including Ziggy’s wife Orly, his sister Karen, and his daughter Judah. Ziggy shares his favorite Marley Natural strain for enjoying the holidays and some cool creative gift ideas!




What’s your favorite Marley Natural strain? 
Marley Gold.

What’s your favorite album or song to celebrate? 
Bob Marley’s Survival.

How would you describe your holiday style? 
No style, whatever I feel like, that is my style.

Where do you enjoy spending the holidays?
Hawaii and Nassau.

What do you like to give or receive for the holidays?