Four exclusive strains celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Marley Natural

Jamaican born, Los Angeles-based artist, author and photographer Neville Garrick was Bob Marley’s close friend, collaborator and art director.  Neville designed some of his most iconic album covers, from Kaya to Rastaman Vibration. Now he's partnering with Marley Natural to release the Anniversary Herb Collection, a limited edition line of cannabis, featuring artwork and packaging based on illustrations from sketch books Neville kept during his travels with Bob.


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Four exclusive strains



Bob Marley and Neville Garrick first enjoyed this strain in 1980 during the Independence Tour stop in Zimbabwe. Soldiers fighting for Zimbabwe’s independence brought him this rare, long flowering pure sativa strain, wrapped in banana leaves. Neville’s design incorporates the Malawi flag, textured with the impression the banana leaf left on the Herb. Neville drew the golden African head during his tours with Bob. Malawi is known for its earthy flavor, and resin-coated buds.




This strain took Neville back to the time he was working on the Kaya album with Bob. Its “mellow mood” reminded him of a sketch he developed where Bob is laid back against a sunset in the background. This sketch is making its debut here. A potent, indica-leaning hybrid, this Herb has a complex aroma featuring notes of citrus, skunk and sweet berry.




This exclusive strain is a potent indica with unusually deep purple buds, and a complex autumnal aroma with hints of oak, spiced fruit and toasted nut. Neville’s illustration of two Kenyon women he saw in a marketplace is a preliminary study for an image used on the back cover of the Survival album.





Neville’s artwork represents two important Ethiopia landmarks: an ancient obelisk in Axum and the famous granite lion statue of Addis Ababa. Both reflect the glory of the civilization that created them.