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The debate is as old as recorded music itself:
Live vs. studio. 
Which is better?

They each have their own nuances. The freeform creativity and thrilling inconsistency of live music keeps you guessing and can lead to lasting memories. Yet studio recordings combine the artistry of performance with the skills of talented producers, creating masterpieces that stand the test of time. It’s true of Bob Marley’s music catalogue as well. 



Inspired by Bob’s time spent in the studio having some herb, writing and recording music - surrounded by his most trusted collaborators, bandmates, producers, family, and friends.

Marley Natural STUDIO strains were developed in that same spirit. Like the partnership between artist and producer, we hand-selected our cultivation partners to create masterpieces of modern indoor herb. STUDIO strains are grown in a controlled environment by growers who share our vision for artistry and responsible cultivation. Sustainably grown and mindfully cultivated, our STUDIO strains are fire you’ll want to experience again and again.




Our commitment to energy efficiency, responsible water resource management, and high air quality standards make STUDIO strains a responsibly cultivated choice. Growing in a controlled environment can result in a more potent crop with denser, more resinous buds. Cloning enables growers to retain the individual genetics of favorite plants for years.

These beautiful cannabis flowers come from a green urban farm near the shores of San Francisco Bay. Each handcrafted bud is a testament to our partner’s superior cultivation techniques and 20+ years of indoor growing expertise. The facility strives to minimize its environmental footprint through efficient, optimal use of light, water, and air.



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